JRAM Northern Alberta Churches:
Tribe Thrives Through Sports

JRAM Northern Alberta Family: Thriving Together Through Sports

We give all the honor, praise, and thanks to our dear God for His wonderful blessings at the recently concluded JRAM Northern Alberta Churches Joint Small Group Sports Fest 2018.

Held at the West Edmonton Christian Assembly (WECA) last October 6, 2018 from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, it was a huge success with the support and cooperation of everyone who participated – from set-up to set-down.

The participating groups were:

1. Pastor Grace Lumbab’s Team

2. Pastor Letty Biscaro’s Team

3. Pastor Macky Soriano’s Team

4. Pastor Jeff Arcenas’s Team

5. Pastor Jean Figueroa’s Team

6. Pastor Joal Abada’s Team

All the pastors stood as team heads or team leaders and were responsible for their respective team’s strategy and participation. This event aimed to promote Christian belongingness within small groups (SGM), encourage camaraderie and unity in playing together, and create team spirit among SGMs. The main goal of this sports fest was to deepen the small group connections in NAB.

It started with praise and worship, followed by an opening prayer by Pastora Jean Figueroa of JRAM North Edmonton.

The cheering competition started right after the opening prayer. Here are some pictures from said activity:

The friendship, unity, camaraderie, team spirit, and sportsmanship were achieved with the help of all those who joined as well as their team leaders. The competition was tough, but love, patience, and understanding still reigned. Winning found a new meaning which was defeating pride and glorifying God in all things and at all times.

This annual event was hosted by Pastor Joal Abada. The sports featured were volleyball, basketball, free throw shooting, ball passing, and family games such as relay, longest line, etc.

Here are some photos from the fun-filled event:

Overall Champion – GLOW (God’s Light of the World)