“We hope you will find us to be an encouraging and friendly community of Christian believers committed to sharing the good news of the Gospel to the world.”

— Pastor Mario Soriano

Pastor Mario Soriano is the Associate Pastor of Jesus Rock of Ages Ministries in Edmonton North. He believes that all Christians, without exceptions, are called to the ministry because the Great Commission applies to all believers. “Go and make disciples of all nations…” (Matthew 28:19). It is because of this that he has responded faithfully to his ministry calling from God, for God and His work.
He graduated from FEATI University in Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor of Science degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering (BSECE). Today, he is enrolled at Pacific Life Bible College and is working on attaining a Bachelor of Theology degree (BTh) as he values the continuing process of spiritual growth and personal development in his life.
Pastor Mario is lovingly married to Noemi Soriano. They are blessed with four children: Mark (born in the Philippines), Dianne and Samantha (both born in the United Kingdom), and Vanessa (born in Canada) – making Mario a father of three nations. Pastor Mario is grateful for his loved ones as he values them as God’s most precious gifts and blessings in his life.

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Pastor Mario with wife, Noemi, and their children, Mark, Dianne, Samantha, and Vanessa.