“We are all about God and God-glorifying Word and worship!”

— Pastor Jean Figueroa
Pastor Jean Figueroa is the lead pastor at JRAM Edmonton North. Her passion is in caring for other individuals, helping those who are in need, and counselling others. As the lead pastor, she engages in visitations, counselling, and managing the programs at JRAM Edmonton North.
Pastor Jean came to truly know Christ when she was in the university. Through the reading of the Bible and frequent attendance at her local church, she came to know the truth about Jesus being the Saviour. From then on, she fully committed her life unto the Lord. Today, she lives out a life exemplifying excellent leadership for the members of JRAM Edmonton North.
Pastor Jean is currently taking up a bachelor’s degree in Theology at Pacific Life Bible College. Before becoming a church pastor, she has served in various ministries including the creative arts, music, ushering, and education.
Pastor Jean is blessed with a very supportive, loving, and hardworking husband, Edwin. They are blessed with two beautiful and God-fearing daughters, Alleli Joy and Jeremie Joy.

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Pastor Jean with husband, Edwin, and daughters, Alleli and Jeremie.